North Country Union High School

Good afternoon Falcons and Happy Friday!

Here is our Friday Falcon Shout-Out Video – Enjoy!

And a bonus song since it is a beautiful day and a long weekend, here’s a song to put you in a summer mood!

Just a couple quick updates to end the week and start the weekend:

  • Senior Parade on May 29th starting at 2:30. Seniors will drive from the Eastside, up towards school, through the parking lots, and then out by the football field. All are welcome to come celebrate the class of 2020. Specific safety guidelines and expectations and the parade route will be out early next week.
  • We will begin collecting materials from seniors on June 1st. We are setting up a ‘drive-by drop-off’ and will send our specifics on that next week as well.
  • We will begin collecting materials from 9th-11th grades on June 8th using the same ‘drive-by drop off’.
  • Finally, only 4 days of classes for seniors and 9 days for grades 9-11. There is make-up time built into the schedule, but why wait? Git r done so you can enjoy an early summer!

Have an amazing weekend!



NKHS Emotional Support Line (1).pdf NKHS Parent Suppor Line (1).pdf NKHS Recovery Support Line.pdf

If you are interested in ordering more senior custom signs please reach out to Don Whipple at 334-8138. All orders need to be in by Thursday May 21st by noon.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency please contact NORTHEAST KINGDOM HUMAN SERVICES at (802) 334-6744. They provide 24/7 services.

Please check out the new NCUHS SlideShow for information on what is happening at School.

If on a mobile device, tap this link to open the slideshow in a new tab.

April 13-17

Hello all,

NKHS has established a NKHS Parent Support Line. They have a phone number now dedicated to this community service and they will be doing a "Cold Start" today from 8:30AM-5:00PM. This will be available Monday through Friday 8:30-5:00 until they increase to 24/7 schedule. The plan is to be ready to provide 24/7 coverage.

This line is a dedicated warm line for parents and guardians to access when having difficulty managing their children’s behaviors at home. It is staffed by NKHS’s Children’s Department clinicians.

Feel free to give the number to your families for support in managing children's behaviors starting Friday April 3, 2020 at 8:30AM- 5:00 pm and during the work week.

NKHS Behavior Support Line 749-1111 (no 802 needed if calling from Vermont)

For more Info please contact

Noreen Shapiro-Berry and Marcia Stricker