North Country Union High School

April 16, 2021

Good afternoon everyone! Here’s a long-overdue music video to start the weekend and vacation week. It might not look like it today, but the good weather will return and we will hopefully be able to have a wonderful end of the school year!

Here Comes the Sun - Camden Voices

Also, it’s been awhile since I’ve sent out a video, so here is one thanking you all for your support and patience as we work through all of the challenges of the pandemic. In addition, while we recognize that we are moving in the right direction, due to the relatively high number of cases in Orleans County and the possibilities for more positive cases and close contacts, we will be remaining in the hybrid system when we return from vacation. We will keep a close eye on things and assessing the conditions for if/when it makes sense to bring more students back to in-person learning.

April Break Announcement

Finally, here is a quick survey about the end of the year, summer, and next fall. Any information you can provide would be very helpful for our planning purposes. Thank you in advance!

Student Survey

Parent Survey

Reminder: If you reserved food bags from the Abbey Group for April Break, please remember to take them home today. If you ride the bus, they will already be on your bus.


Please use the following links to sign up for an appointment to meet with a counselor to sign up for 2021- 2022 classes. Registration appointments may be scheduled from February 15th - April 9th appointments will be 30 minutes each. Any questions please call Donna Blais in the counseling office ext. 3028

Amy Pickering

School Counselor Make an Appointment

Jennifer Gaffney

School Counselor Gaffney Appointment Calendar

Judy Mullen

School Counselor Judy Mullen's calendar

Alia Khatari

School Counselor

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