North Country Union High School

January 25, 2021

Good morning Falcons, welcome back from a beautiful but cold weekend, and to the last week of the 1st semester. I hope that you haven’t waited until the last minute to get your work done or to meet with your teachers, but if you did, now is the time to fix it. There are plenty of ways to get extra help, including ESPN, signing up for Wednesdays, attending office hours, and of course just being present and engaged in your scheduled classes.

Also, despite good overall numbers in our area, as we have seen recently, COVID-19 is still very much an issue that needs our constant attention. We have been very fortunate that so far, the cases in school have been isolated to individual cases. The only way we can keep isolated cases from spreading is to make sure that we are all 6 feet apart, are wearing our masks, washing and sanitizing our hands, and are avoiding multi-family gatherings outside of school. Please continue to do your part to keep yourself and others safe.


Congratulations to the student of the week Jacob Musgrove. Jacob was nominated by Ms. Carrier and has been crushing it this year in all of his classes. A special shout out to Jacob for doing a great job working at the ice rink at Gardner Park! Congratulations to our spotlight student of the week Austin Lathe. Austin was nominated by Ms. Lucas. Austin works very hard in school and is part of the Kingdom Course. He never misses a direct instruction meeting and is a very mature kid. He's proactive with everything, is a great communicator with all his teachers, and is on the volunteer fire department. Well done Austin!

Attention all snowmobile enthusiasts. Wednesday, January 27th, we are organizing our first group ride of the season. We will meet in the field outside of the school by the bus loop at 8:00 AM and will return to the school by 1:30. Those who are interested need to sign up for this event no later than Tuesday afternoon in the A&D Office. All sleds must be registered, have insurance and display a current VAST pass, riders must wear the appropriate gear and everyone should pack a lunch. Parents are also welcome - Please let Mr. Pixley know or if you have any questions.

The Abbey group will be putting together food bags that students will be able to take home with them over the February break. You can sign up at the food stations and in the student lounge. Or click the following link to fill out online - February Food Bags. Also, any students who would like weekend meals from the Abbey group, it is available in the student lounge and outside by the buses on Thursday and Friday afternoons. As with all school food service this year, this food is free to all students.


Please use the following links to sign up for an appointment to meet with a counselor to sign up for 2021- 2022 classes. Registration appointments may be scheduled from February 15th - April 9th appointments will be 30 minutes each. Any questions please call Donna Blais in the counseling office ext. 3028

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