North Country Union High School

Pictures are next week! Students will have their pictures taken on the days they are assigned to be at school. Distance learning or pathways (early college) students can come Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday at 2:30 for their pictures.

NCUHS Classes at 50% Capacity beginning September 28 - In-Person 2 times/week

Mondays & Thursdays : Group 1 A - Lad

Tuesdays & Fridays: Group 2 Laf - Z

Wednesday: Remote/pre-approved population in building

NCUHS 2020-2021 Daily Block Schedule

Bus Routes: Morning Afternoon Wednesdays

Good afternoon!

In-Person Instruction Days

It is my great pleasure to inform you that we will be moving to two days of in-person instruction for each student next week! Our students and staff have done an amazing job identifying and addressing the areas that needed to be improved, and we believe we are ready to safely increase our capacity to 50% beginning on September 28th. Here is the schedule:

· Last names ending in A-Lad attend school on Mondays and Thursdays

· Last names ending in Laf-Z attend school on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Given the current state guidance, I do not anticipate increasing the number of student days beyond two days per week any time soon. It will be important for us to settle into this routine as soon as possible and get used to the hybrid model of two days of in-person instruction per week for each student. This will continue for the foreseeable future unless we get new guidance or there are cases or outbreaks that cause us to reduce the number of days or to go back to fully remote learning.

But, now is the time to appreciate the progress we have made and celebrate more time back in school. Also, with the announcement from the VT Agency of Education that we will be in Step III beginning on Saturday, we will also be able to reopen our cafeteria and consolidate our lunch locations to two areas:

· 9th & 10th graders will eat in the cafeteria

· 11th & 12th graders will eat in the gym/senior lounge area

With the increase in the number of students attending on a daily basis, the safety expectations become even more important. It is super important that students continue to wear masks, sanitize their hands, stay physically distant, and stay home when they are feeling ill. To help with physical distancing during lunches, we have rearranged the tables and chairs and established guidelines for how many students can be at each one. Everyone’s cooperation with this is appreciated.

I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon, and we look forward to seeing more students next week!

Chris Young

Principal, NCUHS