1. Do I need a library card to check out a book?

No, all you need is to know your ID #. If you don't have that info, we can look you up in the computer.

2. How long can I keep the book?

Standard loan time frame is 3 weeks. You can always bring your book in to renew it if you are not finished with it by the end of 3 weeks.

3. Are there fines for late books?

No, but we ask that you try to return your books on time as there is often waiting lists, other students who want to read the book!

4. What happens if I lose or damage a book (kindle, mouse, headphones)?

Lost or damaged books/kindles/etc. will need to be paid for, including a $5 processing fee per item.

5. What if the library does not have the book that I want to read?

Ask us! Often we can borrow it from another library.

6. Does the library have kindles?

Yes! See a staff member to check out a kindle. We have many books on the cloud that can be read via kindle. A special form needs to be filled out to check out a kindle, see the staff to get one.

7. Does the library have audio books?

We have many books on CD in the library and we also use OVERDRIVE, an online ebook and audiobook service. Click on the link found on the "Reading" page, look for the OVERDRIVE ICON.

8. What other electronic equipment can I check out from the library?

We have computer mice and headphones that can be checked out for educational use.