North Country Union High School

Arts and Communication Academy

Dear Parents & Students,

Have you ever wished that your classes at school were driven by your interests & passions? If you have a love of dance, drama, visual art, music or communications; now it can be. North Country Union High School offers our Freshman the opportunity to be a member of its Arts & Communications Academy.

In its 9th year, the NCUHS Arts & Communications Academy is a nationally accredited program that offers students a value-added education. The ACA includes specially designed classes in mathematics, language arts, social studies as well as science. These courses have the same rigorous content as "regular" high school classes but that content is arts-integrated. The ACA philosophy is that students will learn more when they are excited about the content.

In addition to the core classes, the ACA also offers interest-based homeroom and advisory time, guest speakers from the Fine and Performing Arts, free field trips, arts-based internship opportunities, and our top-notch Fine Arts classes.

In order to join the Arts & Communications, simply complete the enclosed application and submit it to the guidance office.

Who is this academy for?

This academy is for any NCUHS student who shows a talent or passion for, either fine and performing arts and/or communications.

How will classes be different in this academy?

Your student's arts classes will remain essentially the same, the big change in your student's curriculum will be evidenced in their core classes: social studies, math, & English. In these core classes, their passion for the arts & communications will be used to help bring context to the content of the course. They will be learning their core content through the lens of fine arts & communications which will help them to see how these core classes connect to their lives and their passions.


Will my student receive regular credit for these courses?

Yes. Your student's academy classes will have the same credit value as the other core classes being offered at North Country.

I want my student's education to be rigorous; will these academy classes offer my student a challenge?

Yes. The curriculum of the Academy classes is exactly the same as the other classes in that same content area. The common assessments found in those classes will also be used in the Academy classes. The difference is that the teaching methods and individual assessments will be focused on arts & communications. Your student's education is going be more individualized as well as rigorous.

What will my student receive as a result of being in the North Country Arts & Communications Academy?

At the completion of the four years, your student will receive a Completer's Certificate along with their diploma.

We look forward to your application and hope you'll join us in the North Country Arts & Communications Academy!


The Arts & Communications Faculty

Kiah Caldwell, Language Arts

Danielle Carrier, Vocal Performance

April Caspari, Visual Arts

Taryn Colby, Dance & Drama

Colleen Deeb, Math

Jeff Deeb, Science

Natalie Guillette, Visual Arts

Cameron Marcoux, Language Arts

Brian Mccrae, Graphic Arts

Megan Norman, Social Studies

Bill Prue, Instrumental Performance